Different Angles for Sanooer Tow Mirrors

Frequently, we receive inquiries about the discrepancy in the positioning of the passenger mirror, which appears closer to the truck than the driver's mirror. People often wonder if this configuration is normal. The answer is yes, this mirror placement is entirely standard and rooted in fundamental physics.

To explain, in an ideal scenario where both mirrors share the same angle, the driver would need to be perfectly centered between them. However, due to the driver's position closer to the driver's side mirror, the passenger mirror is adjusted at a different angle to ensure a comprehensive field of vision. Aligning both mirrors identically would compromise visibility and the ability to make necessary adjustments.

This intentional offset is universal, extending to all mirrors, including OEM variants, and is particularly noticeable when transitioning to larger tow mirrors. Many customers only become aware of this disparity when upgrading to larger mirror configurations.

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